Advantages of Online Counseling

As our society struggles with the effects of the COVID-19 infection, more and more people are exploring the option of online counseling. The general use of video chat services are expanding rapidly and this includes health care and psychotherapy. Though it may not be effective in all situations, online counseling offers some advantages over traditional, in person face-to-face therapy. We will explore some of these below.

Save Time on Travel:

When attending a traditional in person psychotherapy session, you will have to accommodate for the time for travel to and from the appointment. Depending on the availability of counselors in your area this might add 30 to 60 minutes or for the commute. Online counseling allows you to save time and gas because you can immediately join a session from a convenient location.


With online counseling, your appointment and the schedule of the counselor can be more quickly altered or modified. Should you need to move a session by a few hours or even move it to the next day this is easier to accommodate as there are not the same concerns about schedules and office space.

The Comfort of Your Home:

Online counseling allows you to have sessions in the comfort of your own home. You can pick a room or couch that is cozy or convenient and this can facilitate a greater sense of safety and ease that you might not have when attending a counseling office.

Counseling at your Office:

Sessions might even be possible during your office hours. On occasion people have occupations where they have the privacy necessary to attend online counseling sessions. If available, this could be in your private office or a conference room. You would want make sure that you will be uninterrupted during these sessions. You also may need to give yourself some time for emotional processing as counseling sessions often bring up strong emotions. I have had a number of clients who have attended productive sessions from work and felt a greater sense of efficiency in not having to take much time away from their busy days.


Should a person need to relocate or move, in town or across the state, this traditionally might mean the end of a therapeutic relationship. With online counseling, there is the possibility that a psychotherapeutic relationship could continue despite a physical move as the online platform is available regardless of where you live. That said, it should be noted that as Dr. Cox is a licensed psychologist in the state of California. Therefore, care can only be provided while a person is physically in this state.

There are also drawbacks and disadvantages for online counseling but I have found (to my pleasant surprise) that this format has been a positive and effective means of providing therapeutic services. If you would like to learn more about my practice, call for a free phone consultation P. 619-414-0042.

All the Best, Dr. Cox


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