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Work and Life Balance for Professionals

I have provided care for many individuals. Who work in diverse industries and fields. This has included executives, lawyers, doctors, mangers, and business owners.  At work, many professionals are accomplished, confident and productive.  However what might be unseen by colleagues. And are the hidden struggles of these professionals.

These problems can include painful emotional states. It includes things such as anxiety, depression, anger, panic, etc. Many professionals find themselves turning to alcohol relief.  Relational issues can frequently arise such as marital discord, parenting concerns, familial issues or isolation. There can be a sense of befuddlement that things could be going so well at work. While still feeling dissatisfaction with your personal life.

Help for Personal and Professional Struggles of Successful and Accomplished People

I have experience helping many clients who are in high pressure and stressful positions. Who might be financially affluent. But still feel that something is missing. Taking time to discuss your personal concerns with a counselor. Means that you are honoring yourself. Not just as a professional. But also as a whole person. I strive to create a safe environment for the exploration of these struggles. How they connect with work and employment. We can take the time to explore. What greater work-life balance might mean to you. We can also identify your underlying beliefs about work and money. And how these may, or may not, be serving you. Occupation or employment can be explored as one priority among many. As we make a connection between these priorities. And how you manage your time.

Seek relief from painful emotions, non-judgmentally address alcohol or substance issues. Develop strategies for greater connection and intimacy.

Though I think it can often be underestimated. Work can play a role in overall sense of well-being and sense of self. Negative work experiences themselves can create a persistent sense of dread and worry. I have experience in assisting professionals develop new strategies. To address difficult work environments. Psychotherapy can help address emotional or behavioral blocks. And that might prevent addressing problematic work environments. Sometimes people are at a such a place of dissatisfaction. That they are considering changing the nature of their employment. Many times having an outside and experienced perspective on these struggles. Can lead to clarity, direction or emotional relief. My goal is to provide you with help. And to help address these concerns.

Pricing and Billing

Costs per session can often be reimbursed by your PPO/Out-of-network insurance plan.
Initial and ongoing sessions

Part or all of the cost of your sessions may be reimbursed by your insurance provider.  Assistance is offered in understanding your insurance plan benefits.  Reimbursement can be prompted through submission of a Superbill.

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