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Foster healthy relationships while also respecting and caring about yourself.

Struggling with relational ambivalence, disconnection, conflict, isolation or preoccupation?

Individuals often seek counseling to address problems with in a marriage or long-term relationship.  People might experience a vague sense that something just isn’t right between you and your partner.  Other times there are active tensions, multiple unresolved issues and ongoing struggles. 

Counseling can also help with relational dynamics even beyond marital issues. Psychotherapy is also a means of resolving issues or improving connection with family members, friends or even co-workers. Alternatively, clients I have assisted may struggle with feeling isolated and are looking for new strategies and tactics in developing healthy and intimate connections.

Dr. Cox can help you develop deeper connections in your life.

Over the years I have helped people in a variety of situations address relational issues. The most common situation to address is the struggle that many people find with the issues of long term relationships. Many times though individuals are in a difficult situation of co-dependency where they are so focused on the needs of someone else, that they lose connection with their own needs or preferences. Many times strains can come from the management of family relationships be it with parents, children, siblings or cousins. In rare circumstances, I have also provided care for individuals who were working on learning how to engage more appropriately with business partners or co-workers.

Clarity – Psychotherapy can help with the development of clarity regarding a relationship.  This can be done in terms of understanding the scope of the problems or making a decision about future commitment.   A person may be confused and searching to understand whether the problem primarily lies with themselves, their partner or possibly both.  Other times people are seeking for direction regarding the possibility of entering or ending a relationship.  I have spent many years working with individuals to help address these questions and seek clarity of direction. 

Skills – I have extensive training and experience in presenting clients with a variety of approaches for addressing relationship concerns. Understanding the nature of boundaries and how they can create healthy or “less than healthy” dynamics can be very important. Once a person has a sense of these boundaries, I can then assist with developing communication skills or assertiveness techniques. It is often intimidating, but many people learn how to speak their truth in a non-judgmental and confident manner.

Pricing and Billing

Costs per session can often be reimbursed by your PPO/Out-of-network insurance plan.
Initial and ongoing sessions

Part or all of the cost of your sessions may be reimbursed by your insurance provider.  Assistance is offered in understanding your insurance plan benefits.  Reimbursement can be prompted through submission of a Superbill.

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