Confidential assessment and treatment to address questions or problems regarding alcohol, marijuana, pills, opioids or other substances.

You are not alone. Your struggles are welcome.

Struggling with alcohol or substance issues can be very isolating. 

Many people feel that they are alone with these difficulties and end up trying to manage them on their own. 

The difficulties persist because they don’t feel that there are ways to discuss these issues without criticism from others.

I have many years of working with clients who have likely had issues similar to yours. 

I strive to create an environment where we can openly discuss your experiences and behaviors.

It is an act of courage to share your concerns.

These are welcomed and encouraged so that you can find clarity in your path forward.

Help in addressing your relationship with alcohol and substances. 

Also care for the underlying issues that may be motivating or driving the use.

Many people start to experience a loss of control over the decision of how often they might consume. 

If identified as problematic, these issues can range from mild and moderate to severe in nature. 

People may be functioning well in many parts of their lives, but when they return home, they are disappointed.

Relationship with substances progress to a point where despite significant consequences to well-being, responsibilities and relationship, the person seems unable to cut back.

The services that I provide can assist in understanding your own relationship with these substances, setting your own goals and then learning new skills for self-management.

These are a few aspects of how I can be of assistance:

  • Assessment regarding the extent of the addictive behaviors or possible underlying conditions.
  • Education about how alcohol and substances can affect the brain
  • Collaboration for goal setting that will respect you as an individual
  • Treatment planning for self-regulation skills and addressing underlying issues 
  • Assistance with how working on these issues could affect your social life and relationships. 
  • Identification of the appropriate levels of care 

There are two perspectives I take when working with alcohol or substance abuse issues. 

For many people, developing the sense of self-mastery to be able to go a day without using is its own accomplishment. 

When a person has years of muscle memory and habit to turn to a chemical for relief, a day of being in control of one’s own behavior is its own accomplishment. 

There can be overwhelming moments of craving or temptation but in making it through these moments a person may find a more sustainable and profound relief.

The other perspective is to focus less on the idea of “what you can’t do anymore,” and instead focus on how you are making an investment in yourself that will lead to greater enjoyment in the long run. 

If you distance yourself from addictive behaviors, then you give yourself the opportunity to spend your time according to your own interests and values. 

Imagine as a result of changing your relationships with substances that you have the time and energy to engage with hobbies, friendships, connections with family, greater work productivity and, dare I say it, fun!

Pricing and Billing

Costs per session can often be reimbursed by your PPO/Out-of-network insurance plan.
Initial and ongoing sessions

Part or all of the cost of your sessions may be reimbursed by your insurance provider.  Assistance is offered in understanding your insurance plan benefits.  Reimbursement can be prompted through submission of a Superbill.

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