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Frequently Asked Questions about the Private Practice of Dr. Chad K. Cox

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What is the per session cost?

The cost for a 55 minute session with Dr. Cox is $160. The cost is the same for an initial appointment or for ongoing sessions Dr. Cox does not offer sliding scale feels but frequently session fees are reimbursed by PPO/Out-of-Network insurance plans.


How are payments completed?

Dr. Cox accepts payments using web site Clients provide credit/debit/FSA card information on this web site and billing occurs after the session has concluded.

Are there cancellation or No Show fees?

Generally speaking Dr. Cox strives to not charge No Show or late cancellation fees. Should a person miss an appointment due to an unforeseen or emergency circumstance, they will not likely be charged. There is also a good deal of flexibility with online counseling so often appointment times or days can be changed with ease. Should a person “forget” or simply miss an appointment without explanation or communication then they may be charged the full cost of the missed session.


How confidential are the sessions?

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of the psycho-therapeutic process. Dr. Cox strives to create a private environment and does not communicate information to anyone outside of the session without the client’s explicit permission to do so unless there are safety considerations. Dr. Cox is a “mandated reporter” which means he is legally bound to report certain safety considerations to outside parties or law enforcement. Examples of these situations can be when a person is going to hurt themselves, hurt others or if a member of a vulnerable population has been harmed or abused (children, elderly, or disabled people).

Can Dr. Cox complete an assessment or evaluation?

Dr. Cox does not complete assessments or evaluations for any outside or third party. Should you need these kinds of services Dr. Cox would be happy to connect you with providers who can engage these services for legal, employment or social security purposes. Dr. Cox’s intention is to focus on providing therapeutic services to individuals.


Does online counseling work?

There are numerous pros and cons of online counseling versus in-person sessions but the short answer is, YES! Technology has evolved to the point where online counseling feels nearly as genuine as in-person interactions with a counselor. There are other advantages of online counseling in that you do not have to commute to an appointment and can have the sessions in the convenience of your home or office.

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